Project Akshara

Education is one such immense field where no amount of spending or effort is worth the education received. In the journey so far, I&Eye has motivated almost 210 students to scale up in their education. Some of the facilities provided and developed by I&Eye are Spoken English and Computer Training, A full -fledged computer lab was established under this project Admissions into Private colleges for better educational opportunities, and enhance children compete with world outside Providing and enabling Audio recorded courses for higher education (10th class and above) Providing Scribes for writing and attending higher education exams Special/individualized Coaching for college students to encourage and appear for professional courses/examinations like C.A, LLB, Bank Examinations Encouraging students towards professional courses like Chartered Accountant (CA) and Bachelor of Law. Mentoring and motivational classes from industry professionals and Role models of the society to encourage and impart child's creativity and imagination.

Build and setup basic infrastructure

Build / renovate / restore classrooms, clean classroomspromote healthy habits...view more

Digital Training

In the era of digitalization, the knowledge on the computers has become a must...view more

Education Model

Through local education, supported by well-prepared specialists, our children...view more

Career Counselling

This helps the Students to know and understand the thoughts, ideas, concerns and...view more

Professional Courses (IT, CA, LLB & Public service / Bank exams)

The Students will need Training to increase their capabilities, skills...view more

Communication Skills

All schooling will be in local language, communication skill is very essential for our...view more

STEM Education Model

STEM education curriculum helps students integrate into a technology-driven world and develop practical life skills. ..view more